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How to choose replacement soccer cleats

By Robert B.

Whether you are looking to replace your soccer shoes, or you're looking for replacement soccer cleats, this guide will help you decide the right type you need.

Your first decision should be whether you're looking for molded soccer shoes or ones with detachable studs. If you'll be mainly playing on dry, firm fields, then definitely get molded soccer cleats. They are highly recommended for younger soccer players, because soccer cleats with detachable studs are not allowed in some leagues.

But if you'll be playing on many different types of fields, from wet and dry to long and short grass, then you might want to give soccer shoes with detachable studs a look. Check with your league rules for the maximum length of studs allowed. Also have extra studs handy just in case if one breaks off.

The next thing you should consider in replacement shoes for soccer are their material. Younger players should always start out with synthetic material. This type of shoe is generally waterproof, easier to clean, and last longer.

If you're a more experience player, then definitely consider leather, preferably Kangaroo leather. This material will mold to your foot over time and will fit your feet the best over time. They are harder to clean though and are not very waterproof. Some good brands of leather cleats include Adidas, Puma, and Baliston.

Another item to note is size. Soccer shoes generally fit snugger than normal athletic shoes, so don't get a size bigger than what you normally wear. The shoes will stretch over time. Also, women's soccer shoes fit different then men's, so make sure you have the right type.

And don't forget the color! While limegreen soccer cleats will stand out, unless you clean them often, they'll get dirty very quickly. Black soccer cleats are generally your best bet.

By keeping these different factors in mind, you'll be sure to have some good soccer shoes that will last you many seasons to come!

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